Over the last years the University Administration and editorial board of the journal CEP have been exerting every effort to improve scientific quality of the journal to be included into scientific-metric data base with the possibility of citing publications at the international level. The printed journal version, at its present state, can not have a claim on it yet.

The electronic version has been created due to the University Administration efforts. It enables to select works, which will maximally meet the international requirements, get positive outer and inner reviews, and can be published in electronic version,  that later on will be declared for indexing  in international scientific-metric data base.

In the present case publication of the papers in English, is the optimal variant. As the first trial has shown, our University teaching staff has a significant potential in this direction. In volume XII, № 3 (45), 2013, 22 articles in English were published.  Undoubtedly, the level of English scientific language leaves much to be desired, but the beginning gives hope.

Publication of articles in the Ukrainian or Russian languages remains to be the real way out with the obligatory observance of the following requirements:
  • the highest possible scientific value of the adduced data;
  • references of high quality;
  • the presence of author’s abstract in English for every article.
It must be taken into consideration that annotation (author’s summary, abstract) of the  article in English, published in a foreign edition, is for foreign scientists and specialists the principle and usually  the only source of information concerning contents and the results of the research .By annotation foreign specialists estimate the paper , show their interest to publication, can use it in their own publications, refer to it, open a discussion with the author, make an inquiry as to the article as a whole, etc. For detailed explanations concerning these questions, see, please: CEP, volume XII, № 1 (43), 2013.- P.3-4 ( column of editor ).

I wish the electronic version of CEP a long, lucky informative life.

Editor-in-chief, рrofessor                                                         T.Boychuk